Technology Help for Seniors


Finding it challenging to get the best from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or new operating system, software and Apps?

Watch this space for advice and website links to sites that help explain how to do what you want with your modern technological devices and applications.


Free toll calls to anywhere

Increasingly, options exist for free telephone calls to anywhere in the world, using internet connections.  Check out the webpages listed below for more information, or contact your existing phone company to find out what deals they can do.

For those with ultra fast broadband, a number of options exist.
The one I use is, the $20/month plan.



A number of e-book readers exist, the two most common are Kindle and Kobo.  For a Consumer  report, check out

For more, check out:


Free books


My choice is

Some e-books require a particular format that requires a conversion from the format of the e-book you have to one the e-book reader can handle.  See




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